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What is the Push Bible?

The Push Bible is the definitive guide to using Ableton Push 2, taught by a Push specialist, Andri Søren (me 🙃)

Push Bible: Complete

14 hours of video content, 18 Chapters and 194 lessons + Quizzes, Tasks & Downloads. Worth over $249. Check it out here

Learn More

What WRKSHPers say about the Push Bible


This whole course is worth every penny!!!

I did another course elsewhere and never got all this very useful and handy knowledge like here. 

Freddie Spells

Essential for anyone who uses Push 2.

I would definitely recommend this course, it’s incredibly thorough and informative as well as clean and easy to go through. As I’ve got to see more of Andri’s content, he comes across very genuine as is very happy to help if you have questions, you just have to look at the discussions on the videos themselves to see that. I also enjoy your snippets of humour we see here too, Andri! 😊 

This is a no brainer for someone if you use Push 2, particularly as an instrument, or if it’s your main Ableton controller. Using those skills in line with other courses (in terms of production and performance) has been so useful for me and I feel really confident just using the Push 2 alone for a lot of my workflow and output now. 

I was on the fence to purchase this course for a while, but a discount persuaded me to dive in, and I'm incredibly glad I did. No hesitation to give 5 stars. Wonderful work, Andri!

Matt Stewart

The best way to learn & have fun is from a true Jedi 

Honestly, I don’t write reviews in general, but I feel it’s worth it as Andri does a terrific job on teaching us students the ins-and-outs of what makes it so fun to play and learn the Push 2. You can see how much energy and enthusiasm he puts into each lesson and how he makes final edits in the notes below the tutorial videos as well as his sometimes-funny quiz questions. It’s all the small touches, (i.e., Push 2 Shortcut Keys, Super Bass Rack) that he adds to make the whole experience worthwhile! Lastly, it’s really nice that he addresses any questions by emails beyond the transitional Q&A in each lesson that adds value to the total package. I highly recommend you take his tutorial videos as you would not be disappointed. (Push Bible Beginner + Intermediate) – 

Michael Grayson

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Check out the Push Bible